Drawer and Rail System Are you looking for a transfer container for sensitive components?

Have a look at the castus beta drawer and rail system now!

Smart transfer with the beta Drawer System from castus - now available in the Pro version with racks +27% more volume. Minimize your handling processes with the updated generation of beta Drawer Systems and reduce autoclave cycles!

Safer sterile transfer with rails and racks by castus

The beta transfer container is made of stainless steel and its interior can be specifically equipped for the transportation of delicate components. If you already have rails installed in your isolator, then the container can be equipped with Rail System. In this case the rack can be pulled out of the container and directly transfered onto the rails of the isolator.

An alternative system is the Drawer System. With this system the Rack can be pulled out of the container as far as the safety mechanism allows, like drawer at home in the kitchen.

Customized Racks allow to transfer the components in the most secure way.

Additional rail equipment for your beta transfer container

Optimized Design

During development of the Racks our main focus lays on a design which is sterilizable in the most effective possible way. We will always chose a design with the as little as possible contact area. 

Consulting and customized solutions from castus

Do you have any questions regarding Rails and Racks and are looking for customized solutions? Then contact us directly. We are pleased to help!


Advantages at a glance


Completely autoclavable


Safe transfer of sensitive components 


Easy handling


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