castus beta Single Use

Do you require a system for one-time, contamination-free transfer of components?

The castus beta Single Use system is just the perfect solution for you!


A safe matter: The castus beta Single Use System For one-time transfer of components in the filling machine.

The castus beta single use system (CSU) is for single use only and is intended for the loading of pre-sterilized components or the unloading of contaminated waste.

Manufacturers of pharmaceutical and medical products are faced with a more and more complex demand for individual products which comes together with the realization of more flexible processes. Of course, these requirements must be faced with flexible transfer solutions that are capable to ease the realization. Launching the beta Single Use Bags (CSU), castus is reacting to generate more flexibility combined with a safe and cost-effective solution.


castus PE or Tyvek film bags

The castus bags are available as PE version for sterilization by irradiation or as Tyvek version that can be autoclaved. Upon request the CSU is delivered already gamma – sterilized.

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Technical Data Special requests possible on request

Diameter: 190 mm

Bag Types: PE / EVOH / PE, TYVEK® 1073B / HDPE

Volumes: 5-100 Liter

beta Part:

Flange and Lid: Polycarbonate

Cover Lid: PET

Gasket: Silicone

Ring: PE

Your advantages


Safe handling thanks to the injection of silicone gasket


RFID chips included to the flange for automated applications


Improved emptying of bag thanks to new design


Higher volume capacity per bag


Creation of flexible and faster processes


  • Assembly of additional chute
  • Pre-gamma-sterilized CSU in accordance to validated SOP
  • Re-usable stainless-steel handles for docking of CSU
  • Trolley for internal handling of heavy product



  • Production process under clean room conditions in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14644-1 class 5 at rest
  • 100% Tightness Testing
  • Four pieces per bundle, packed into two protection bags
  • Full traceability over the whole production process
  • Documentation of IPC controls
  • Release samples available for every batch


  • Shelf Life: 2 years (accelerated testing)
  • Certificate of Conformity (CoC)
  • Certificate of Analysis (CoA: IR-Spectrum, Particle Counting, Endotoxin and Bioburden Testing)
  • optional: Certificate of Irradiation (CoI)


  • ETO-Sterilization
  • Gamma-Sterilization (with at least 25 kGy)
  • X-Ray Sterilization
  • Steam-Sterilization (up to 125° / 15 – 20 min)
  • Plasma-Sterilization
  • VHP-resistant

Weitere Produkte


The castus beta Container 316L Simple, safe and contamination free

Perfect loading and unloading of components.


beta liner PE Safe and uncomplicated unloading

For contaminated material and wastes.


Cage Stopfenhandling für kleine Chargen

Die Alternative zu unseren Single Use Produkten.