beta Transfer Container 316L

Need a a contamination-free loading and unloading of components in or out of the isolator?

The beta transfer container is the ideal system for you!


Simple, safe and contamination free: the castus beta Container 316L Perfect loading and unloading of components

The beta transfer container serves the purpose of a contamination-free loading and unloading  of components in or out of the isolator, their transportation and storage. With a 60 degree turning motion the beta transfer container is docked to the alpha Port. Thanks to a lip seal both parts become hermetically sealed.

Additional safety through the patented castus safety interlock system

With the castus safety interlock system the alpha Port can only be opened after the correct docking of the beta transfer container. All containers have a modular design, are e-polished and their product-contacting surfaces have Ra <0.8 roughness.

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Technical data Special requests possible on request

Diameter: 105 – 460 mm

Total length: variable

Material: 316L

Seal: silicone or EPDM

Handles: variable in position and design

Standing basket: according to customer requirements

Your advantages


Modular design


Freely selectable handle position


Variable standing basket, can also be used as handle and filter protection


All containers electropolished on all sides


Sieve in tank bottom as option


Length flexible, up to 1.5 m


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