beta transfer container – PE

Does your work require transfer locks that can be sterilized through gas or rays?

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Minimize risks: The beta transfer container – PE The transfer container with lip seal

The beta transfer container serves the purpose of loading and unloading components in or out of the isolator, their transPortation and storage. The container is suitable for sterilization through gas or rays (not autoclaving). The beta transfer container is made of high quality plastic material and consists of a flange a sealing cover and the container itself. A special seamless weld production process makes the container easy to clean.

Variable construction of position and handles

The design and the position of the handles is variable. By a turning motion In the docking process of the beta transfer container to the alpha Port, a mechanically joined package is formed sealed at its point of contact by a lip seal. Due to the safety mechanism an opening of the alpha door is only possible after proper connection of the beta transfer container.

Contact and ordering of the beta transfer container – PE

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Technical data Special requests possible on request

Useful diameter: 105 – 460 mm

Total length: up to 500mm

Material: PE-HD, PE-EL

Seal: silicone or EPDM

Handles: variable in position and design

Your Advantages


No welding seams inside and outside


Handles variable in position, design and material


Inner cover available with wear ring - longer service life when using an interrogating pin


Various materials of the container


Silicone or EPDM gasket


Length of the container variable


Weitere Produkte


beta liner PE Safe and uncomplicated unloading

For contaminated material and wastes.


The castus Single Use System A safe matter

One – time loading of components.


beta opener Accessories

The beta opener facilitates the opening and closing of the beta transfer container and is available in all sizes.