BETA LINER PE Optimal protection of the operator and the product

Safely and simply unload contaminated material and waste out of the isolator?

The beta liner PE makes it possible! Discover all the details now!

Safe and uncomplicated unloading: The beta liner PE For contaminated material and waste

The beta liner allows the simple unloading of contaminated material and waste out of the isolator.
The material to be unloaded is placed into the liner, subsequently the film can be clipped or sealed off at the desired point. The detached bag can be then disposed of.
Thanks to the special folding system 25 or 40m film can be mounted onto the PE carrier. A hard cover provides optimum protection.

Film replacement: fast and simple

As soon as the film has been used up the castus quick-change system allows a safe change of the film cartridge in few minutes. Flange and hardcover are reusable. Antistatic and gamma sterilized liners are available upon request.

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