Move heavy transfer containers easily and safely with the castus trolley!

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Move heavy containers with ease: The castus trolley transPort of transfer containers made easy

The castus trolley serves as a dock and undock help for heavy beta transfer containers and facilitates their transPort. With its four castors two of which are lockable and handles on two sides it can be easily maneuvered.

Height adjustable and secured by retaining brackets

The castus trolley is height adjustable and can be optimally set to the height of the alpha Port.
The beta transfer container is placed onto an adapted holding device and secured by a retaining bracket. Peek elements prevent the container from scratching.

The castus trolley: fully autoclavable (optional)

With the trolley the beta transfer container can be pushed into the recess of the alpha Port and docked by a 60 degrees rotation. A stopper ensures the reaching of the correct position for the container before and after the docking procedure. The castus trolley is available for all sizes of the beta transfer container. It can be adapted to the interfering contours of the isolator and can be alternatively fitted with an holder for the inner cover of the beta transfer container.
The castus trolley is fully autoclavable (optional) and if needed it can be pushed together with the container into the autoclave.


Technical details Special requests possible on request

for beta transfer containers Sizes: 190, 270, 350mm 316L

Adjustment range: 150mm (+/- 75 mm)

Material: 316L autoclavable

Option: with lid holder

Your advantages


Optimal with lid holder


Height-adjustable, easily manoeuvrable




Low-contact rotary movement of the container due to roller bearings


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